Software Products For A Better EMC Testing

Horiz. Linie

We take up the bow, when standard products break down!

Our products include software solutions for the
Dreieck Automation of EMC Testing,
especially for automotive ECUs with a diagnosis interface,
Dreieck Supply system testing for vehicles and
Dreieck Generating of modulation waveshapes.

Our tools are made for niche applications, where the expense for a tailor-made software is justified.

Most of our customers are automotive suppliers. In the automotive business in particular, an ECU can only be monitored with a diagnosis tool. But most of these diagnosis tools don´t provide the features that are needed for EMC testing.

Our tools will help you to save valuable measuring time and you will get an up-to-date test documentation.

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Drivers and DLLs
Extensions for standard EMC software
Device drivers and DLLs to connect your ECU to an EMC test software.
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Custom Software
Software to automate your EMC tests
EMC control unit, product-specific diagnosis tool and documentation combined in only one software!
Bordnetzsimulation Supply system testing
Software to generate waveshapes according to OEM requirements
These tools control arbitrary waveform generators and programmable DC amplifiers.