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How To Generate A Modulation Signal

Horiz. Linie
The standard modulation in EMC testing was the amplitude modulation in the past.

But nowadays modern communication equipment, like GSM or DECT phones often use pulse modulation techniques. Also radar systems (such as distance warning or parking aids) are being used in vehicles in a growing extend.

As a consequence also pulse modulation should be applied when executing EMC tests.

Our modulation software-tools shall appreciate your arbitrary waveform generator to a powerful modulation source. Just as well communication test equipment could be used for EMC testing by using our software.

When using an extension module for your standard EMC software the pulse modulation could be set as easy as the amplitude modulation.
What is modulation?
For wireless communication there is normally a RF carrier signal used. The actual information is coded by modulating the RF carrier signal with a LF signal, eg speech, data, and so on. Common modulation techniques are amplitude modulation or frequency modulation.

Modulation and EMC testing
An EMC test system can easily generate usual modulation waveshapes, such as amplitude modulation or frequency modulation. But you will find it hard to generate a particular pulse modulation (because of the limitations of the built-in modulation generator). So if you need to generate a complex modulation waveshape an external modulation generator is necessary.
How can i get a curve into a generator?
At first our software calculates a value table with the modulation curve. Then this table is programmed into your arbitrary waveform generator.

There are solutions available for the requirements of the major car manufacturers, and also for military, aerospace and communication purposes.

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