Software Products For A Better EMC Testing

Extension Modules For Standard EMC Software

Standard EMC software is designed to monitor an EUT by acquiring measurings from external instruments. These measurings can be logged or they can be compared to a "GOOD /NO GOOD" window.

This feature could also be used to monitor an automotive ECU: Your ECU (i.e. your diagnosis tool) could be handled like an external instrument.

The plainest case is to acquire only a single value. Just as well there could be acquired umpteen values,
values could be filtered or there even could be done complex operations with these values.

It is also possible to implement an initialization or a defined RESET of the ECU.

To do this there is a device driver or a DLL needed that has been customized for your ECU.

The expense depends on the software complexity, i.e. on the program architecture and on the functionality.

Device driver: starting at 350,- EUR,   DLL: starting at 1250,- EUR

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