Software Products For A Better EMC Testing

Tailor-made EMC Test Software

Sometimes our extension modules for standard EMC test software are not suitable:
  • Your diagnosis tools doesn´t provide an external interface
  • There simply doesn´t exist any diagnosis tool
  • The EUT (eg your diagnosis tool) needs to control the data exchange1)
  • There are special requirements to report the results
  • ...
That don´t needs to be a problem!

1) Normally the data exchange is controlled by the EMC software, i.e. the EMC software triggers an instrument (or the EUT).
Tailor-made EMC test software

The expense depends on the software complexity, i.e. on the programm architecture and on the functionality.

Customized EMC test software: starting at 1500,- EUR.
A tailor-made EMC test software can also do these jobs.

The functionality of that software is on you, eg:
  • Controlling of the EMC test
  • Reporting the ECU data
  • Automated measuring of EMC characteristics (i.e. influences)
  • EUT diagnosis
  • Slave-Modul to enhance an existing test system
  • ...

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