Supply System Testing

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Supply-System Faults
Supply system testing as contemplated by the EMC means to recreate supply-system faults (as they are found in real vehicles) in an EMC laboratory. Such faults result eg from starting the motor or the alternator ripple.

Test systems
Test Systems
To generate supply-system faults in a lab there are special test systems available. But if there are exotic wave shapes to be tested or if there is a new requirement of a car manufacturer you will soon find out the limits of these systems.

New Wave Shapes
Do you own such a test system, but the wave shape you need is not implemented in your machine? Our tools are a good choice, if a standard solution is not enough!

Software For Supply System Testing
Our tools support all common supply system testers. The software functionality extends from a simple data-table generator to a complete test control - incl. EUT monitoring, documentation and automated testing!

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Test equipment Test Systems
Our tools support the common supply system testers.
Spitzenberger + Spies, EM-Test, Schaffner, Agilent, Hameg, ...
Car manufacturers Automotive
We supply the tools
to test all the
OEM reqirements
For all car manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia. New pulse shapes and non-standardized pulses.
Sonderkurvenform The little assistants
Programs and tools to generate non-standard wave shapes
Software to control an arbitrary generator, a programmable DC amp or a commercial supply system tester.

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