Supply System Testing

Software For Supply System Testing

Our products are built modularly. So our software could be fitted according to your specific needs and your test system.

How To Describe A Test Pulse

Pulse description The test pulse needs to be expressed in a way that it could be grasped by a test system.
We are using two different strategies to do that:

• Fixed implementation

A tools according to this approach is very simple to use. The pulse parameters are changeable, of course. The pulse shape is not user-modifiable.

• Mathematics pulse description

A pulse is expressed in a special language (developed by Ingenieurbüro Bauer). This description includes eg loop commands or functions for superimposed signals. The user may edit or add new waveshapes. Of course a library with standardized automotive test pulses is supplied with this tool.

The users who favour a graphical should have a look at eg WaveWorks (Agilent Technologies) or LabView (National Instruments).


All pulse parameters are user-changeable. Having these parameters and the pulse description a value table could be calculated.

Processing Of The Value Table

• Output In A Data File

There are various data formats available: From a simple ASCII table to the internal formats of commercial test systems. That means you can run your supply system tester with externally generated data.

• Direct Hardware Control

It´s also possible to transmit the data (eg via GPIB or RS232) directly to the test system hardware This could be a supply system tester or an arbitrary waveform generator.

More Features

• Test controlling

When using an instrument with a remote-control interface (eg an arbitrary waveform generator with a GPIB interface) the test could be controlled comfortably from your workstation.

• Documentation

Automated Test Documentation

• Automated Testing

Automatic testing of different pulse shapes or entire test sequences

• Monitoring

Acquiring and documenting particular properties of a automotive ECU, eg via GPIB instruments, CANalyzer or RS-232.

• ECU Diagnosis

Integration of the ECU diagnosis software in order to monitor the ECU

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