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For sure you have polished diagnosis tools for your automotive ECU. Ingenieurbüro Bauer
provides customized tools
to automate EMC tests
with automotive systems.
Our software tools are the missing
link between your diagnosis interface
and the EMC test system.

We also provide customized solutions for
supply system testing and non-standard modulation waveshapes.
But are these tools powerful enough to be used eg in enviromental or EMC testing?
Sample test set-up
You will find more information about this test set-up here
Your next EMC test
could be running
in a way like this!
W&G EMR-300 Our New Field Monitor
The free tool for the Narda (W&G) field probes EMC—300 and the EMR line!
Smaller is smarter, is better! The nice substitute for Narda tools and commercial EMC software.
Reset behaviour Supply System Testing
The current requirements of the car manufacturers.
Cranking pulse, generator ripple, short time interruptions, voltage dips and much more.
Modulation Modulating Tools
Software solutions to
program your arbitrary
waveform generator.
Use your test equipment to generate analog and digital modulation waveshapes!
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