Applications In EMC Testing

Vehicle EMC test Especially when doing EMC tests with automotive components or entire vehicles you cannot monitor the EUT without an online diagnosis.

Up to now that monitoring is beeing done with diagnosis tools. But these tools are mainly designed for development purposes, so they provide only very few features to make EMC testing easier.

Instead of using unsuitable tools it is much more efficient to use a direct coupling between the EUT and the EMC test system. That guarantees a faster EMC testing with more detailed and reproduceable results.
Has anybody an idea... But also if an automotive ECU is connected to an EMC test system you will soon find out the limits of standard EMC software.

Common EMC software is primarily designed to process analog measuring values, such like a voltage or a frequency.

For a committed EMC technician it is also an easiness to monitor a simple digital value, like a state bit.

But it is not that easy to make the EUT really communicating with the EMC test system. This requires the use of an additional software.

Now, if you are faced with that problem you should think about using our tools.

Other Applications

Another application for our products is the field of "data aquisition" in the common measuring technology, but mainly it the automotive technology. Our tools are used to connect automotive ECUs to data aquisition systems.

So it is possible to make a data logger communicating with an automotive ECU via CAN, though that data logger doesn´t support the CAN interface.

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