Applications In EMC Testing

EMC Tests With Automotive Products

EMC tests in the context of this web site are primarily immunity tests against continous disturbances.

These are disturbances as they are caused by mobile telephones or radio transmitters. The EMC pepole call these tests: immunity against electromagnetic fields or immunity against RF currents.

Here are some of the appropriate automotive EMC test methods: stripline 150 mm, TEM cell, BCI, antenna method or direct power injection.
These EMC test methods are described in eg ISO 11451/ISO 11452 ff., DIN 40 839 part 4 or DIN EN 61000-3 or -6.

Of course all states on this web site are also valid for other EMC phenomenas, eg power line magnetic fields or transient disturbances.

This means our products could also be used in any other field of EMC without problems.

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