Standard Software For EMC Testing

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Usually one shall use a standard software to control his EMC testing1).

In Europe the most popular EMC software is RSUS (NeWe-tec) and EMS-K1 (Rohde & Schwarz).

RSUS and EMS-K1 are providing various features for an highly-automated EMC testing:
  • Software interfaces for EUT monitoring
  • Customizable monitoring channels (with extension modules)
  • Processing of EUT data (with extension modules)
  • EMC algorithm to work out a detailed threshold of EMC impact
Extension modules on the same subject are device drivers and DLLs. Standard extension modules (eg for a power meter or a RF generator) are already provided with the application kits.

If there´s special measuring task (eg communication with an EUT) a customized extension module could be used. So an EMC test system and an EUT could be connected with simple means.

1) Immunity testing in the frequency range

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NeWe-tec  RSUS
Premium software tool to control all kinds of EMC testing
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R & S  EMS-K1
The EMC software of the world´s most famous RF instrument supplier