Standard Software For EMC Testing

NeWe-tec RSUS

RSUS is Windows application to automate your EMC immunity tests, such as radiated immunity, stripline or BCI. RSUS is independent of the EMC test hardware, so RSUS shall run with any GPIB and RS232 test instrument.

With RSUS you can configure even a complex EMC test system in a fast and simple way. A comprehensive library with device drivers supports most of the commercially available EMC test instruments. This includes also instruments like a DC voltmeter or an oscilloscope for EUT monitoring.

Not only when configuring the equipment but also during testing the operator has all the freedom possible in doing his job. That is the competitive edge which extols RSUS as a supremely flexible tool. Another important thing is the support of the manufacturer eg if there´s a tricky job to be done.

The unconcealed interfaces of RSUS are also very positive: due to them it´s an easiness to connect an EUT to the EMC test system.
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