General Informations About The EMC Test Set-Up

The picture above shows an EMC test "Immunity against radiated RF fields", eg in accordance to ISO 11452-2. The purpose of this test is to determine the behaviour of electronic equipment in the presence of high intensity RF fields, eg near a handy or a RF transmitting plant.

Our software has to do several jobs during this EMC test:

First thing is to set (i.e. to control) the generating of the RF fields. To do so, all instruments are remote controlled via the GPIB. As a result, the EUT is exposed to a well-defined electromagnetic field.
Next thing is to monitor the EUT. For this, we took the relevant parts of the original (DOS-based) diagnosis software, modified them and added them to our Windows application.

The most important job is the documentation of the results. That means: logging of frequency, fieldstrength and the current state of the EUT. There are various test algorithms available. For example it is possible to do an automatic test, that takes up the the EMC characteristics for a single property of the EUT.

The result data is stored in a Microsoft Excel file.