The EMC Control Computer

The EMC control computer is the heart of the EMC test system. It controls both the generating of RF fields as well as the monitoring of the EUT. Furthermore it does the EMC test documentation.

The EMC control computer can be an ordinary PC or a notebook. Our tools will run on 16 bit- (Windows 3.1/3.11) and 32 bit-(Windows 9x/NT/2000) operating systems of Microsoft. (Please note: We don´t support Windows Me)

The only additional hardware is an interface to control the test system, eg a GPIB board.
Of course there are other hard- and software configurations possible, eg a monitoring of the EUT via CAN in conjunction with the Vector CANalyzer. That CAN tool normally runs on the EMC control computer, and it even can be controlled by our software.

Another way is to generate the RF field with a standard software, like RSUS. In this case, our tools are responsible for EUT monitoring and the EMC test documentation.