EMC Test Labs

This is an (admittedly incomplete) overview of some german EMC test laboratories, which:

Mooser Consulting GmbH Mooser Consulting GmbH
c/o Jakob Mooser
Amtmanntstraße 5
82544 Egling/Thanning

Tel. +49/8176/92250
Fax +49/8176/92252
Homepage: www.Mooser-Consulting.de
e-mail: kontakt@mooser-consulting.de
Siemens AG, ICN QE1, EMC lab Siemens AG München
Dept. ICN QE 1
c/o Jürgen Born
Hofmannstraße 51
81359 München

Tel. +49/89/722-47933
Fax +49/89/722-25045
Homepage: www.Pruefinstitut.de
e-mail: Juergen.Born@icn.siemens.de
SIEMENS AG Automotive EMC centre Regensburg of the
SIEMENS AG Automobiltechnik

Wernerwerkstraße 2
93049 Regensburg

Tel. +49/09 41/202-42 51
Fax +49/09 41/202-51 60
Homepage: www.siemens.com/at